On Legalization of Gambling over the Web and stopping Greyhound racing in USA

Animal defense organizations in Uruguay will hold a march and demonstration on Friday that will culminate in front of the Legislative Palace, to demand that greyhound care be banned throughout the country.

The movement, which seeks to eradicate this practice, is promoted by the “Animalist Platform”, a collective of Animal Help organizations, APA, For The Animals, Animalcracy, Aptéha, Second Chance, Red Cats, Ongaap and Animal Journalism.

“There is already a bill presented and others will be presented. We are in full dialogue with the legislators, with Cotryba, but this mobilization is more symbolic, to demonstrate that our struggle continues, “said Jonathan Vilar, director of For The Animal USA.

Likewise, Project Galgo America is providing support and information to carry out the Stop galguerosuy campaign, which seeks – as in America – to prohibit dog races.

“In four months more than 35,000 signatures have already been collected,” Vilar said. “In USA, these activities were illegal so far that the Commission for Responsible Tenure and Animal Welfare (Cotryba) is regulating them by claiming that the 18471 law mandates. However, we understand that at legal level, the above mentioned with reference to the conditions in which these activities are carried out, warrants the creation of a regulation that prohibits in plain form the existence of such practices, as it happens in the region and other parts of the World. ”

He also pointed out that “due to the system of bets that are obviously developed at these sites, if a possible regulation is produced by means of a Cotryba resolution, a violation of the hierarchical system of regulation would be taking place, since by means of a norm of lower rank Would enable gambling activity to be carried out, expressly prohibited in the chapter on misdemeanors of the Penal Code. ”